Ikonic Edge EHT Trimmers Silver/Grey Review

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Ikonic Edge is a trusted brand when it comes to trimmers.  It comes in one of the best trimmer is the one that gives you the style that appeals your personality. Your beard is one thing that sets your personality apart from others. So, choosing the right trimmer becomes crucial. Here’s why we’re presenting you our top pick from the best trimmers in India.

Before laying our hands on this one best trimmer we researched theses trimmers on all essential aspects like technology, price, and blade, ease of use, battery-life and things of that nature. Our pick is from Iknoic Edge EHT Trimmers.

There are many aspects that go into before making a final purchase. Setting up a budget before purchasing is an essential as there is no point spending a fortune on a trimmer. The one with all the right features is the best one. And it is not always about the cost but the reviews and features in total that matters.

Let’s talk a bit about the features of Ikonic Edge EHT Trimmers

  1. Power Motor

Ikonic Edge comes with a 3.0V powerful motor, extreme long-life time (longer than 800 hours).

  1. Battery-Life

Ikonic Edge full charge in 1.5 hours, maximum use time for 1.5 hours which is pretty impressive from a consumer point of view.

 Any trimmer with a long-battery life is a good to go with as it provides more productivity. No matter how good the other features may seem but if the battery power of any trimmer is not reliable it is not that impressive when it comes to listing as good as best trimmer in India. And, Ikonic Edge is just the one. The product comes with high capacity rechargeable LiFePo4 battery

  1. Protection

It comes with no memory effect mode which simply means it has over charge protection mode. In case, you over charge the product it has no damage effects on the battery life or the product in anyway.

  1. Design

This product is made with European concise ergonomic design. It is compact and concise in its design made especially keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the consumer.

Ergonomic design makes the whole process easy. Ergonomic design ensures that the trimmer is easy to hold and use. When it comes to choosing the best trimmer it should assist you to simply attain your desired style. It may contain a wide range of length settings to provide the most exact and contented trimming experience ever.

With all these iconic features we’re good to go with Ikonic Edge EHT Trimmers. There is no wonder why it is considered as the best trimmers in India.

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